TCL, autoregistration script
issueid=81 10-08-2009 10:14

aka aqwzsx
TCL, autoregistration script

Compatible with helper script will allow to register requested channels
  • independent from a&a light
  • compatible with helper script
  • web/botnet registration
give more suggestions
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10-08-2009 11:24
Junior Member
Some other suggestions:
  • Channel noreg (so that users can not register bots to channels like #cservice)
  • auto-purge on a certain number of abuses (kicks, bans, deops)
  • auto-adding to noreg after purge for X days/weeks/months/years

That'd be about all I can think of for now :)

18-05-2010 18:57
TCB & Ratings projects Member, #Mythic representative
I need a little more info about this task. More specificaly, how do you want it done?

Should it be a centralized approach where the web system communicates to a master bot which manages everything in the system, like load balancing, assigning bots to channels based on requests received from the web, etc? Or should it be a decentralized system where every bot listens for web requests and the system manages everything? I would go for the second (and that's how I'm thinking of implementing it).

Also I need some feedback on what features you want me to implement. I'm thinking:
  • channel database with stats, info, etc.
  • load balancing based on the previously mentioned channel database
  • blacklists based on the previously mentioned database
  • and possibly a way to manually and automatically update any scripts on the bots (simplify things a bit - don't get me wrong, sleenox did a great job with netbots but it seems a little too complicated, not to mention time consuming to setup)
  • encrypted communications (although I do have to figure out a nice method of encrypting the data on the bot - I'm thinking mcrypt)

This is what I'm going to work on for the time being since I need something similar for work, so I will setup a SVN (or possibly git) repository and a trac system so you can have a quick peak at the progress.

I know it's a little more complex than what you need but I think it'd everything will be useful, and I'm planning on implementing them in a modular way, so everyone can use what they need.

21-05-2010 04:17
I prefer the first option, but if you can make the system somehow assign a bot randomly and check their channels then go for it.

Also do not forget anti-lamer systems. Such as one registration per 24 h from one ip. I will get back with more ideas if any.

21-05-2010 15:12
Junior Member
No IP registration, only logged in and mode +x users should be able to register chans (you wouldn't need a channel if you're not even a registered members of UnderNet or whatever network this script can work on). Also, as I said above, a blacklist script so they couldn't register some chans (official chans, help chans and so on, and so forth).

21-05-2010 21:12
i thought this will be available on the web.... how will you check for +x on the web?

21-05-2010 22:35
Junior Member
You can, think of X, when you're tring to register a new channel, you have to be logged in @ X, otherwise you can't apply for registration. The link is possible there because they have the IP, but can be made possible here as well if you need to send a message to a certain bot as a verification. When the users applies for a bot, some bot will contact him over IRC and ask him to copy/paste his hostname info (as in the lines containing the IP and "is logged in as blabla" text) and then the web script performs a verification against the IP the user has online and if they match then the registration continues.

Again, this is for a more secure lending your bots will not land in anybody's hands. It can easily be left out.

21-05-2010 23:49
... what if i submit a request click back submit another click back submit another click back etc.etc.etc ?That is what I was referring to.

22-05-2010 02:08
TCB & Ratings projects Member, #Mythic representative
Don't worry there are ways of protecting against that kind of abuse. So basically what you guys want from this is blacklist support which can be easly added on top of the channel db I'm already planning on implementing, and anti abuse support which I'm planning on implementing since this will be used in a production enviroment and I need it to be very secure.

Also I'm planning on using binary communication between the site and eggdrop with data encrypted with mcrypt using a shared key so it should be very quick (binary communication reduces the data size) and pretty secure (since if someone tries to send/receive data to/from the stream he/she would have to know the key to encrypt/decrypt the data). Any thoughts on that?

01-06-2010 13:28
TCB & Ratings projects Member, #Mythic representative
I started working on this, and setup a project page for it at There's nothing there yet but you will see some activity soon (for the time being I'm still designing the framework).

You will be able to get the sources either by cloning the public git repository like this:
git clone git://
or by clicking the download in other formats button from the Browse Source page in the trac.

Also I'd really appreciate it if you could create new tickets for every feature you want in the 00.01.00 milestone.

For more info about how to setup git check this out:

15-12-2010 22:47
Well arcade... is there any progress?

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