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Thread: test #aservice 10.10.2004

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    Default test #aservice 10.10.2004

    Here you can inscribe for tests, please specify the test number & your irc nick (if it is different from forum nick).

    The procedure will be the same for all tests, a new thread will be created where everyone will be able to inscribe for tests. In addition, in the same thread, the tests' results will be announced. For more info about tests:


    Aici puteti sa va inscrieti la teste, va rog sa specificati numarul testului & nick-ul pe irc (in cazul daca e diferit de nick-ul de pe forum)

    Procedura va fi aceeasi pentru fiecare test, va fi creat un thread unde doritorii se vor inscrie pentru test. Tot aici vor fi anuntate rezultatele testelor. Informatii in plus referitor la teste:

    N3 - n/a
    N2 - za
    N1 - n/a
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